Why Podcast?

September 12, 2021

Podcasting has seen a boom in recent years, especially with the pandemic and the shift to the online world. 

Myself and my technical director, Ant answer the question, “Why podcast?” Ant and I became friends four years ago in a podcast movement in Florida. Ant has become a life-long friend since then. 

In our chat, we discussed what it is about podcasting that makes it so exciting, popular, and why you too can definitely start your own podcasting journey.

What is it about podcasting that’s exciting?

For Ant, he recalls the first time he heard about podcasting in 2004. He was having a conversation with a friend over drinks and the guy suggested that he try out podcasting. Having no idea what it was about, he tried dipping his toes into it and listened to one show for the first time. He instantly saw its potential and was hooked. Very quickly after that, he launched his first show in 2005. 

More and more people are launching their own podcast shows and even more people are listening to them. What are the reasons why podcasts are so popular? 

For one, they are time-efficient and multi-task friendly. You can listen to them while cleaning, driving or during your commute. Unlike blog posts or videos, you need to be more focused and have your eyes glued to the screen. Additionally, podcasts offer an endless variety of options to choose from. With so many podcast shows in the market, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.


Ant’s Mistakes and Lessons in His Podcasting Journey

Oscar Wilde says it perfectly: “Experience is the name wise men give to their mistakes.” And Ant has gained a lot of experience.

Being in the industry since 2005, Ant has had a lot of wins. But with that, came a lot of mistakes, losses, and lessons learned. Here are his biggest mistakes (and lessons learned) along his podcasting journey.

  • Re-uploading an episode because of a wrong audio file
    Back in the day, Ant wasn’t aware that you can just replace the audio of an already-uploaded episode. So he released a second episode with the same name, and realized there was another mistake in the audio. So he re-uploaded a third one. So what he had was three episodes released within 25 minutes with the same name and slightly different audio lengths. 

  • Not listening back to the audio properly.
    The first mistake mentioned above came from another mistake Ant made which was not listening back to your audio properly. He didn’t give himself enough time to listen back and double check. 

The best thing about making these mistakes, unlike in other jobs, is that you don’t get fired. Additionally, since you own your podcast, you are the person who gives yourself permission and also to tell yourself off. There’s always something good about making mistakes. 

 Misconception Around Podcasting

There’s a misconception around podcasting that because you have the courage and tenacity to put yourself out there people will immediately come and listen to your show. But in reality, it doesn’t work that way.

Putting out your podcast doesn’t mean that people will magically find you. You need to put in the  time and effort to market your podcast and get the word out in order for people to find you. 

Additionally, the definition of success around podcasting is subjective. For podcast shows that are very niche and specific, the fact that you get 50 people listening may already be a huge win for you. So remember not to base your value or definition of success around the numbers.

 The Impact of Podcasting

The impact of podcasting is mind-blowing, but not enough people are aware of how impactful it can be. Having a podcast means that you can reach a number of people in different places around the world. With the advancement of technology, anything is possible. 

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