What Excites Me About Podcasting

November 16, 2021

It’s nice to feel a bit of change as this time, Ant interviews me. Now I can say that I know the feeling on the flip side.

We start the conversation about what is it about podcasting that gets me excited, and my answer has always been, “you can never measure the kind of impact it will have on you.”

I remember when I started podcasting around 2013, it was rough, I was using a Blue Yeti microphone and I didn’t know what to talk about.  

Eventually, I figured out I love watching the TV show called Haven and I wanted to talk about that. The uncomfortable feeling was still there, and I know I can’t do it alone, so I got a co-host. My co-host and I were presented with an amazing opportunity to visit the set in Nova Scotia, Canada.

We were given a day to record an episode with the cast and crew. It was such an astonishing experience that it led me to create my second podcast Chasing Dreams. This was the time that I realize that there is power in podcasting.

I never thought this was possible but hey, it did happen. Through podcasting, I have met amazing people and some of them I have developed friendships with. 

Even after recording 242 episodes, I still get excited that I get to interview people who are phenomenal in their fields, people who have become inspirations on their own. 

Although it wasn’t always smooth sailing for me. There are days when I dwell too much on being perfect. I would pressure myself into creating the best episode out there. But I saw that as a way to deprive people who want to hear from me.

In time, I learned to accept and let go. I’ve come to terms with – there will always be mistakes, but I can make this as a reminder to do better next time.

Instead of spending too much time stressing about making things perfect, I redirected my energy to focus on the positive things I experienced on my podcast. And I used this as my consistent inspiration on why I continue to do podcasts.

Podcasting has opened doors for me where I have established meaningful relationships with people. It wasn’t just about the likes, shares, and listens, podcasting for me is always about the community that I’m building with each episode I put out there.

You will never know what’s going to happen when you start podcasting, where it will take you and what kind of impact you will have on other people. And this is what truly excites me about podcasting.

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