Top 3 Tips for Podcast Success

March 10, 2022

“Lack of planning sets people for failure before they even realize it.” – Aimee J.


The start of most podcasting journeys is often seen with enthusiasm and high energy. However, this will only last up to a couple of episodes. The eagerness usually decreases after the fifth or sixth episode.

Experienced podcasters know that the journey to success is never meant to be smooth. The challenges are there to make them realize if they really have the passion and commitment to podcasting.

Our podcast guest Jody Maberry, reveals his top 3 tips for podcast success. He has produced over 1500 episodes for various podcasts including THE JODY MABERRY SHOW, IF DISNEY RAN YOUR LIFE, PARK LEADERS SHOW, CREATING DISNEY MAGIC and so much more.

By working with numerous podcast shows, Jody certainly has vast podcast knowledge and expertise. He recognizes that podcasting is never easy but when done right, it can be worthwhile. Jody’s advice for podcast beginners is simple yet very valuable.

When starting a podcast, Jody recommends recording a few episodes before launch. Five recorded episodes before publishing should be enough to give you an idea if podcasting will be sustainable for you.

Another is to plan out 10 to 15 contents or topics before getting started. As Jody mentioned, “the reason why a lot of podcasters fade away is that it’s hard to come up with new content every week and enthusiasm can only get you to 5 to 6 episodes.” It’s possible that on the seventh episode, you lose all the enthusiasm.

Lastly, Jody advises not to believe in the “feel the dreams idea” wherein podcasters believe that if they record an episode, people will automatically listen. Getting listens, downloads, and feedback will take time.

Just like with anything else, starting a podcast needs careful planning. Not structuring the process of how you’ll go about with your podcast show already sets it to failure. 

It’s important to know that the energy you have when you launch your show will only get you through, but it will never get you to the double-digit episodes. 

Eventually, the enthusiasm fades out, so you need to have an action plan when this happens. Having a plan lays out the steps you need to take next and helps you keep going.

If you’re interested in podcasting Jody suggests picking a topic that you’re really passionate about and “don’t be afraid to launch a show that’s not going to be your forever show.”

Publishing an episode helps you understand podcasting, how to go about it and how to get behind the microphone. He added, “you will find out what you’re meant to be doing if you start doing a podcast.”

A lot of times people have this notion that they don’t have the liberty to stop doing something the moment they start it and if they stop, they are labeled as a failure. 

Having a clear plan and intention allows you to try better processes to go about your podcasting journey. Hence, you don’t focus on one way of doing things. 

True podcast success is not always seen in numbers, it’s manifested by how the podcast has created an impact on listeners from different parts of the world. And the journey to attaining this success starts with the simple step of planning and doing it right.

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