The Key Drivers of Consistent and Great Content

December 3, 2021

Given the global situation that the world is in, some podcasters find it difficult to plan out the next content they will talk about.

Serious podcasters don’t just talk for the sake of talking. They weigh in the kind of impact they bring by giving value to each episode released.

Ant had the opportunity to interview Suzy Buttress, a self-described casual birder. Suzy gave an engaging insight about her drivers to producing consistent and great content despite being in a difficult situation.

There may be a lot of pressure, demand, and challenges with podcasting but creating a new episode should come from a place of passion and expression. For Suzy, it was knowing that her show The Casual Birder Podcast has given her so much to just give it up.

The pandemic has given her a lot of stress and worry, but Suzy managed by taking a 7 to 8-week break. During this time, it wasn't like she didn’t do anything, she used this time to hone her craft, gather materials for the show, and interview a lot of people.

Instead of focusing on burnout, Suzy ended up not pressuring herself so much and looked for other ways to make the show even better.

She didn’t want to risk boring her listeners to sleep, so she started a series of audio journals. This includes all her observations and things that will interest people.

Suzy made sure to think carefully about what she’s going to say and put some valuable information that listeners will benefit from.

The only problem is she was getting various ideas about what she wanted to do on her show. She had to take advantage of this and list down everything that comes to mind.

One thing is for sure though, there are a lot of people who have valuable stories to tell, and they are not getting the chance to do so in other shows.

She had the idea of guesting fellow bird enthusiasts to discuss bird watching, bird sounds, and much more.

From time to time, Suzy will get messages from people all over the world saying that they appreciate her show. She always wanted her podcast to be an inclusive space where people can freely take part and find joy.

Being able to inspire people who resonated with her style has motivated Suzy to produce quality content. It’s important that she keeps her tone friendly and conversational at the same time, she provides valuable knowledge to her listeners.


Suzy’s motivation for publishing podcast episodes stems from her love of birds and knowing that there are people across the globe who share the same passion with her.



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