How Podcasting Is Used To Share Inspiring Stories

March 3, 2022

With the variety of podcast niches that exist out there, it’s easy to get intimidated and think that it’s impossible to produce a show with unique content. 

However, our guest Elinor Hamilton tells us that you don’t always have to stand out from the crowd, you just have to be passionate about what you’re doing. 

 Ant had the privilege to interview the Silver Winner for Best Independent Podcast of the UK Audio & Radio Industry Awards (ARIAS) and host of the Tales From The Tannoy Podcast, Elinor Hamilton. She is also a renowned voice-over artist.

Tales From The Tannoy is not your ordinary career podcast, it highlights the interesting lives of the voices we hear on commercials, brands,  public areas, etc. Being a voice-over artist herself, Elinor knows that people like her have fascinating and inspiring stories to tell.  

Even though the first podcast episode was published in 2020, Tales From The Tannoy is inspired by a real story that has happened way back. Together with the voice of her late husband Phil Sayer, Elinor announces the train on London Underground.

Phil is the man behind the iconic “Mind the Gap” and although he passed away in 2016, his recordings are still being used alongside Elinor’s destination guide recording. Elinor felt like Phil was still guiding her even after his death.

It wasn’t long after her husband’s death that Elinor was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she figured that life is not just about the sufferings we encounter. No matter what we go through, there’s always something positive to celebrate.

Elinor spoke about the guests she had on the show, how they’re able to conquer sickness and other life misfortunes. One of the guests that made a huge impact on her is the voice behind Tony the Tiger who was nursing his wife from cancer and still sounded professional in everything he did. 

These behind-the-scenes stories have kept Elinor motivated to champion the voice-over community. She’s aware that these people are more than just their voices, they have stories that can inspire other people.

Elinor’s podcast has been her platform to engage with others who are going through the same things as her. It was never her goal to become famous or earn lots of money from podcasting, she aims to motivate people to take on little steps that can improve their lives. 

She considers her podcast labor of love that she’s committed to doing regularly. The engagement she gets from listeners makes it all worth it. By sharing stories, Elinor can generate an impact on listeners all over the world.

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