How Humor is Adding New Flavor to Podcasting

January 26, 2022

For people wanting to start a podcast and not sure about what to talk about, we’ve heard that the best advice is to talk about the things we are passionate about.


But here comes Caroline Verdon, one of the hosts of At least you didn’t podcast, telling us that podcasting can also be an avenue for sharing mistakes, embarrassments, and everything you would normally hide from other people.


Caroline has always been a radio presenter and is a relatively new podcaster. She felt too restricted with all the changes that’s happening with radio and podcasting seemed a viable option.


The idea of starting a podcast means that she didn’t have to fit in with all the rules and regulations, and she didn’t have to pretend she was enjoying what she was doing. In her podcast, she and her co-host Annabelle Buckland share stories that other people deem as awkward, humiliating, and not worth sharing.


Caroline has always been passionate about story-telling, and she realized that doing it in the world of podcasting is a great way to express authentic human elements. Instead of sharing the things other people are good at, Caroline’s podcast highlights interesting and equally entertaining bad things people did in the past, and it works!


To produce these kinds of podcasts, you need to have supreme confidence. For Caroline, the key is not thinking that anyone is listening, otherwise, she’ll have to overthink every single word that comes out of her mouth. 


As Caroline mentioned, in the world we are in especially with social media, we’re flooded with people who show perfect lives, but we know it’s not true. Adding humor and embarrassing topics on the podcast makes the guest seem more human and relatable. 


Life is always full of mistakes and mishaps, rather than taking it too seriously, we need to embrace that human element. The simple way of sharing our stories creates connections with other people because deep down we all make mistakes, and we have amusing stories to tell. 


Talking about things that she’s embarrassed about has been some sort of therapy for Caroline. She’s able to fully express who she is and there are a lot of people who resonate with her experiences.


How amazing is it that the things we label as degrading moments can start a meaningful connection with other people? Using humor has added an interesting flavor to podcasting, and we see more and more people leaning towards it. 


Listeners crave this human connection. Podcasting has been a pathway for people to connect with someone who’s on the other side of the globe, yet shares experiences that feel so close to home. 

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