Finding The Right Host For Your Podcast

October 22, 2021

A ton of podcasting hosts are available worldwide and with that being said, it can get confusing choosing the right one for your podcast.

Some of them have been offering their services for quite a long time while others have recently popped out in the market.

Whether you are contemplating on joining the podcast world or looking for better options to host your show, we’ve listed down the best podcasting hosts for you to determine the best choice for you.

We have listed 8 podcasting hosts along with their features, how they are as a service and the overall user experience they provide. These features include:

  • Offers multiple plans
  • Multi-podcast support
  • Storage and bandwidth
  • Multi-destination publishing
  • Private Podcasting
  • Player
  • Built-in podcast webpage
  • Analytics
  • Other features

This only serves as a guide, and we encourage you to still do your own research and go with the host you think is best suited for your needs.

Podcast Hosting Comparison


Captivate claims to be the “podcast host that puts your growth first”. It’s designed by working podcasters, so they know what the target audience wants and needs for their podcast shows. It offers three plans to choose from: personal, professional and business with a free 7-day trial.

Captivate offers all the features we have listed above, and they constantly offer new ones every week. Some of its known other features include Dynamic ad insertion, Smart Speaker and Email Marketing Automation. By implementing their “no jargon” rule, Captivate is user-friendly even for people new to podcasting.

Upon starting the free trial, users are given full access to the entire platform. Captivate provides complete tutorials with clear steps and total support. This makes sure that podcasting is done without confusion.



The word Libsyn came from combining Liberation and Syndication. True to their brand name, Libsyn has been giving their podcasters the freedom to do the kind of podcast they want.

Libsyn ticks almost all the boxes for the features except private podcasting is offered in LibsynPro and there is limited storage and bandwidth. Its other feature include audio, video, PDF, and text hosting.

Libsyn has been hosting over 75,000 podcasts all around the world. They are the most experienced audio and video podcasting platform.



Buzzsprout is all about podcasting made easy, it uses easy and powerful tools to ensure a successful podcast. They have all the features except for private podcasting and for the extra feature, it offers Visual Soundbite.

It guarantees podcasting success by offering guides, video tutorials, podcasting courses, and it has its very own Buzzsprout Podcast Community to support podcasters with every issue they have.



Podbean has been helping newbies and professional podcasters with promoting and monetizing their podcast. They have all the features listed above, and their other features include Dynamic ad insertion, live audio shows, and video/podcast support.

Your podcast will be heard by people all over the world since Podbean distributes to all destinations: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and so much more. Podbean also measures your success via industry-leading podcast statistics, and you can also get insights into your audience.



Blubrry publishes and distributes your podcast to all major platforms and players. With its podcast statistics, you know your numbers are accurate. It also provides a monthly 1 TB bandwidth.

With its PowerPress Plug-in, you can publish your podcast in minutes, and you can control your branding on your own website. Blubrry offers Dynamic ad insertion for its other features. Blubrry offers its service for everyone; from the independent podcaster to any commercial podcast network and everyone in between.

Transistor delivers podcast hosting and analytics to thousands of brands, organizations and creative all around the world. It has almost all the features stated above except for other features. While its podcast analytics allows you to see average download per episode, number of subscribers and trends.

Transistor also doesn’t charge you more for creating additional podcasts, you can start as many podcasts as you want. It helps you distribute to Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify and Apple Podcast.



Castos gives you the tools to grow and connect with your community through its public and private podcasts. You can publish as many contents as you like regardless of the plan you choose. Castos has all the features we have listed and for its other feature, it offers YouTube republishing.

You can effortlessly monitor your podcast’s performance with its easy-to-digest insights. This includes audience demographics, listening behavior, total listens, top episodes and more.


Anchor allows podcasters to create, distribute, and monetize their podcast for free. Anchor also has the least number of the features we have stated. It has unlimited storage and bandwidth, multi-destination publishing, limited analytics.

For its other feature, multiple people can record with you at the same time. Anchor is a powerful platform that believes everyone’s stories should be heard thus they created an avenue where they can all share their voices.

All these podcasting hosts offer various features that your podcast can benefit from. You just need to evaluate what works best for your podcast show. Now, you are a step closer to having a successful podcast that allows you to share your content all over the world.



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