Every Podcasting Journey is Different

February 1, 2022

Every single endeavor we face, there’s always a story behind it. There’s an interesting narrative that people might get inspiration or entertainment from


I was thinking of doing an interview with someone about their podcasting journey and at the top of my head, Nick Goblirsch came to mind.


Nick and I go way back, we first met at Independent Podcast Conference formerly known as MAPCON. Both of us took a pivot with our former podcast shows Chasing Dreams and The Dependent and Independent Podcast.


When I asked Nick what led him to start his podcasting journey, he mentioned that it sprouted from his love of making videos. He was tasked to help his father with content creation and the technologies to do it. 


Every time that they were together, Nick would talk about his interests and this included the podcasts he was listening to. He was inspired by a show that speak about how the hosts started their podcast, Nick figured that he could do the same.


Nick realized that he’s always loved telling stories. He knew that no one can tell his stories better than him. He ran his first podcast like a job, he would put himself in charge of everything. This involved recording, editing up until marketing each episode.


His podcasting journey evolved into a massive opportunity to share interesting stories about his life. Nick would always make sure that each content he produces was authentic to him. 


The artist in him would ensure that he was doing something that no one else can. The biggest eye-opener in his journey is that he realized that podcasting can bring people together. He was able to build communities by sharing his experiences and learning from others. 


For Nick, podcasting has opened a whole different world that allowed him to meet on different points of the spectrum; podcasters who are starting, those in the middle thinking whether to continue or stop, and those who have achieved the peak. 

He realized that each podcasting journey is different. Podcasters have different reasons to start, and they had distinct reasons to keep going or to stop. 


Nick started his podcast thinking about sharing stories he’s passionate about, and now he was able to create an impact in his podcasting community. And somewhere along the way, he learned golden nuggets from fellow podcasters. 


With his new podcast, Nick has become more purposeful and critical of how he presents himself. This has helped him generate impact and insights for various listeners while staying authentic to his core. 


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