Dive Into The Exciting and Generous World of Podcasting

June 16, 2022

Imagine having a good story with you for 10 years and coming across the best platform to publish it in. Are you going to hold on to your masterpiece or take a risk and share it with everyone?

Our guest for today, Beccy Stirrup trusted her gut and went with the latter. After a day of thinking about podcasting, she launched Diary of a Space Archivist and has never regretted her decision.

In her busy world of creative writing lectures, Beccy finds podcasting as the escape she needs. Through her podcast, she’s transported to exciting worlds that allow her to freely express her passion.

When asked about her advice to people who want to try podcasting, Beccy’s answer is true to her core  – JUST START. 

Start the journey by learning basic details like what platform are you going to use, what content you’re going to talk about, and the best ways to record an episode.

If there was one thing that was clear for Beccy early on – she was very clear that she could do it. She made sure that episodes were short to entice the listener’s attention and for her to continue developing a great storyline.

She was aware of the hard work that goes into editing an episode thus she had to make sure that it was something she could handle. Also, with the success of Diary of a Space Archivist, Beccy knows the pressure that comes with it. There are times when people ask when the next season will air. 

Although the intentions are good, these kinds of questions unknowingly put pressure on Beccy. Luckily, she realized that podcasting is a fun thing to do and learned how not to be pressured by others.

There are times when Beccy would feel worried, but she knows that podcasting is a forgiving world. She knows that listeners understand that podcasters have a life outside their podcast shows. She adds, “it’s a give and take kind of world.”

Ant asked Beccy what is the best thing about the podcast experience, and she answered, “it’s the people you made contact with.” It’s exciting because you’ll never know who you’re going to meet. 

She learned a lot from the listeners, her guests, and even from other podcasters. Beccy says that “having a foot in that world is glorious.” She has never encountered the level of support and loveliness from other platforms.

Podcasting is a generous world where it’s okay to make mistakes. You are allowed to learn and grow along the journey. There’s something about podcasting that leaves Beccy speechless in a good way.  

From her repetitive world of creative writing lectures, Beccy is transferred to a unique world that allows her to express her true self. Through podcasting, Beccy met a lot of people (and aliens) and this has made the journey exciting and marvelous.


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