Capturing the Passion of Podcasting

October 14, 2021

Podcasting is a Skill

Podcasting is a skill. Not only do you need to have natural talent, but you have to work on it, every single day. You have to keep refining your skills.

And it is essential, with any product or service, to first build the skills before selling it. 

I got to interview Dan McHugh, a podcast producer and sound designer with nearly 20 years of experience in audio production. He specializes in end-to-end production of audio. 

In our talk, Dan shares how he continuously hones his craft, tips for those who want to start their own podcast, and the mistakes and lessons learned in his 20-year career.


Tips for Starting a Podcast 

Dan’s number one tip for those starting their own podcast or looking to grow it is to focus on the quality of your show. 

When you’re starting a podcast, the only thing you should focus on to begin with is making a good podcast. Don’t worry about money or fancy social media. When you focus on the quality of the podcast, the rest will eventually come.

Your program should be directed like a film. Make sure that you are taking the right things out and leaving the right things in. 

Words and the way people talk carry more than just information. Additionally, when you’re editing someone else, you really get a good insight into their personality.


Dan’s Career Background

Dan’s whole career was around audio. He didn’t get into the university degree that he wanted. He got in by learning to make electronic music with a computer. He used to charm audio houses and eventually got a chance to work for one of the audio houses. 

He then began working in radio. Although he wanted to become a radio host, he ended up working behind the scenes of radio studios.

Fast forward to 2010, he heard about podcasting and so he started his own podcast. In 2016, he began working for a podcast called Mysterious Universe. He moved on to becoming a podcast producer and then a few years later, he became his own boss by building his own podcast business.

Dan’s advice for those who are starting their podcasting journey is to put in the time and effort to hone their skills. He definitely walks the talk because he has put in 20 years of time, effort, and learning his skill. More importantly, he continues to sharpen his skills by learning and putting his knowledge into practice. 


Dan’s Mistakes and Lessons

With Dan’s career journey spanning several years, he has made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons as well. According to him, his top mistakes would have to be putting his foot in his mouth. 

When he was a Breakfast Radio host in the countryside, he recalls during one of his early morning shifts that he left the mic on. He accidentally spilled his coffee and started screaming and cursing, not realizing that his microphone was still on. 

Podcasting is a beautiful art and when you put your mind and heart into that passion, you’ll definitely reap its rewards.

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