Podcaster HQ Can Help You Be Heard.

Podcaster HQ guides Aimee and Ant know you want to be heard. That's why they've designed Podcaster HQ, a safe space for aspiring podcasters to plan, launch, and grow their podcast. With resources, education, and inspiration to help you get your podcast out into the world, podcasters just like you can start off on the right foot!

With multiple ways to learn and grow, including YouTube channels, podcasting courses, and personal attention from HQ guides, Podcaster HQ can help aspiring podcasters on every step of the podcasting journey.
By providing a simple roadmap to efficient and effective podcasting, Podcaster HQ will help you:

  • create captivating content
  • make good podcasting decisions
  • become a confident podcaster
  • get your voice heard!

Who we are

Hi, I'm Aimee J...

… and I'm passionate about helping people chase their dreams. I've been podcasting for nearly a decade and am currently the host of three podcasts. I love podcasting, and I love the opportunities it's given me – opportunities like speaking at the She Podcasts Conference and interviewing names such as Luvvie Ajayi and Dr. Freeman Hrabowski. And I want YOU to have the same opportunities, too. With Podcaster HQ, I want to help you learn the who, what, when, where, and why of podcasting – and get your voice heard!

Let's get your voice heard.

Hey, I'm Ant.

I'm a podcaster from Manchester, UK, and I love helping other podcasters get their voices heard. In the past 15 years, I've scripted, edited, produced, hosted, or consulted on over 50 different podcast series. This experience has given me the opportunity to speak at international podcasting events and be honored as a nominee for several podcasting awards. I'm so passionate about podcasting that I run an online community of podcasters called PodTips, and I co-founded the UK based event, Pods Up North. The podcasting community always has room for one more podcaster – and it could be you! So join us at Podcaster HQ.

We'll help you get your message heard.

Want to Start Podcasting but Have Questions?

Join Aimee and Ant as they share with you on a private feed, answers to questions that new podcasters often have before they start.